My Do: Post Pregnancy Hair One Year Later

So little man turned one a few weeks ago  (time flies, I'm getting old, all those thoughts!) so I thought it was time to bring you another hair update.

My thinning edges (read post partum hair) started growing (read post partum hair update) in as I've mentioned before. Yes, this made me so happy. But, what happens when hair grows from scratch? You guessed it, it's short. So now I have a styling issue because I'm stuck with this short hair around my edges. I know it's temporary, but it's temporary annoying me. 

As I have returned to work I have to wear my hair up. Not the best style for hiding uneven edges. Sigh. So I do what I can to keep my short curls in place. But you know and I know that curls don't always do as they are told. So even when I sleek them down with gel and set them in place for a long time with my scarf before I head out sometimes that doesn't help. At times I go to the bathroom at work and see a stubborn curl that is defying gel standing up or out. Nothing to do  but to admit defeat and move on. 

Did you experience any post pregnancy/child birth hair issues? Leave a comment below!

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