Baby Hair Routine Update

Just a quick update on baby boy's hair now that he has turned one. In terms of hair care not much has changed; I still don't use any products on his hair except  coconut oil. Which works well. He has had some cradle cap patches off and on but they've been easy enough to remove using the method Girls Love Your Curls described.

Before his first birthday he got his first real hair cut with clippers. We had originally planned to let his hair grow, but since his edges haven't come in yet his hair was so uneven we decided to cut it. Hopefully his hair will grow in more evenly soon. Will keep you updated on hair style. I'm loving his short hair because he looks more like a little boy since he got it. But we've talked about an Afro or loc style - time will tell. 

Freshly cut hair
When did you cut your baby's hair for the first time? 

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