Behind the Blog: Hiatus?

There's been some silence here on the blog over the last weeks. I was actually not planning on a hiatus, but it has kind of become one. Sometime life doesn't fit all the aspects of what's going on so some down sizing has to take place. This time I had to step away from the blog to balance my life out a bit.

May was supposed to be my last month of maternity leave when I spent lots of time with my family and focused on them. Early on I knew May would be busy but I thought it would be fine. The last month of my Creative Writing class, the last month of school for my daughter, the last month of after school activities for my daughter. I thought it would be busy, but manageable. Then I got a new job and they asked me to start in May. So all of the sudden I'm working with less time for everything else. So I took a step back from the blog. 

Don't worry though, I'm back! I have some posts lined up and I'll be following a post schedule again. 
I'm looking forward to more blogging this summer. 

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