Worst Hair Memory

I can think of a couple of instances when my hair made me feel bad growing up, but there's one memory that beats it all. I've mentioned my fear of head lice previously, but this memory actually has nothing to do with that.

When I was about eleven or twelve something happened between my mom and I so I refused to let her comb my hair for a while. Now what happens to our hair when we don't comb it? Yes, you guessed it; dreadlocks. Now I didn't end up with nice even locs, no, I ended up with a huge tangled mess on the crown of my hair. I guess you could call it a free form dread lock. But honestly calling it a dreadlock is an insult to locs. It was a tangled, matted, birds nest of a mess. My hair was like that for a few weeks if I'm not mistaken. Until one day I let my mother untangle it. Needless to say it took a long time. I definatly learnt from that lesson.

Why is this my worst memory? Because of the way my hair felt. I still remember how that big tangled bunch of hair felt on my head and in my hand. It left me disliking my hair even more than I did before this happened. I really hated my hair. And that's my worst memory. The memory of hating my hair incredibly much.

My hair. ;)
What's your worst hair memory? 

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