Four Years of Blogging: My Hair Journey

My second blog post (there first was kind of a hello let's see where this goes post) was posted on April 14th, 2011. Exactly four years ago today.

This post was about my hair journey. Reading it today made me smile; I love the innocence of the post and how it is like looking at my younger self in the mirror. I didn't know where this blogging would take me at the time, as I don't know where it will take me in the future. My Hair Journey is still on going and evolving. I've gone from feeling that newly in love kind of love for my hair to just loving it, accepting it and feeling proud of it. Proud that it is healthy now, proud that I control it instead of it controlling me.

Reading the post I mentioned a course for parents to mixed kids to care for their hair. That's exactly what I'm doing now with workshops, lectures and consultations, though it's not limited to parents of mixed kids. It's about paying forward what I've learnt over the years. It's exciting to look back on something you wrote four years ago and realize that you're doing it.

How has my hair changed over the last four years? Well, I used to do intricate styles and try an array of products, but now I do very simple styles and I love my head wraps. My hair used to be this frizzy monster on top of my head that caused me a lot of grief; not knowing how to care for my hair made me feel un-pretty. Now that my hair is healthy and well cared for it has defiantly boosted my confidence. My hair is healthy, it grows, and I know what it needs. I can adjust my care routine on a daily basis to the needs it has that day.

At the beginning of this blogging/hair journey I spent hours online researching things I needed to know. Now I have a lot of the information in my head, and I just Google when I cant remember details.

To sum it up: Five years after my last BC my hair is healthier than ever and I know more about it than I ever thought I would. I'm glad I and on this journey. I still love my hair.    

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