Meet Heavenberry

Heavenberry is not only daughter to Root2Tip founder Sal but also the UK's youngest Natural Hair vlogger at nine years old. I asked her a few questions wo we can get to know her better. She has amazing hair, of course.

How would you describe your hair with one word?

What do you love about your hair?
I like that its long. Its different to the girls at my school. It's not straight and I can do any style. I just love my hair.

What do you say to kids your age who feel unhappy about their hair?
I would say: you don't need to worry, your hair is magical but you just don't know it yet. If you just believe and work really hard at making your hair be healthy and grow it will be as as fun as you want it to be and you can just be you!

You are the UK's youngest natural hair vlogger. What made you want to vlog? 
I want girls like me to know that their hair does not have to straight; you don't need to perm it. And I want them to know their hair is unique; it is your personality.

Also, my mum gave me inspiration because she has her own hair care business and helps people with their hair, my Aunty Samariah gave me inspiration by teaching me to be myself on camera and my Nana because she had alopecia and she made a goal to grow her hair back and she did.

Who are your three favorite natural hair vloggers?
I like...
Discovering natural
Curly kaycia

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