Organizing the Hair Stuff

Time and time again I've confessed to being a total product junkie. I decided it's time I organize my hair stuff better. I've been watching a lot of organization vids on YouTube lately and have gotten lots of ideas for different places in our home. So here's what I've done to make my hair care life a bit more easy.

All my bobby pins I've put in a small baby food jar. 

I used a glass to store my hair ties. Around the rim I placed some hair clips (don't really use these aluminum ones). 

This square container I got at Granit, it was a pack of three, can't rememberer the price though. I'm storing my clips in this one. 

This container I got from IKEA (in the kitchen section) for like 10SEK. I have three of them, one with hair pins and two with mixed things. 

All the hair products (yes, I have a lot!) are stored in another cabinet. They are not sorted in any perticular order really. 
As you can see I have one spray bottle for water and one for oil for my body. Need to get another better container for my oil though. 

How do you organize your hair things? Please leave organizing tips in the comments! 

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