Hair Crush: Headwraps

If you follow me on Instagram you know I'm loving headwraps right now. I think they are perfect for fall (which feels like it's already here in Sweden), for bad hair days, for days when you're in a hurry or days when you feel uninspired to do your hair. Of course Erykah Badu a la Baduizm is a big head wrap inspiration (it's also one of my favorite albums of all time).

Recently I found Eva's Headwraps on Instagram and YouTube. She has so many variations on head wraps, and they are all stunning!

Love this wrap on Brandy!
Love how Peeks from Mo Am/Zanjoo mixes African and European in her style here!
Laila is one of my favorite vloggers, have followed her for years. This is one of her headwrap videos with three cute styles.

What's great is that you can use a variety of fabrics to create your desired style; a scarf, a piece of fabric, a sheet, an old dress or skirt, etc. If you are looking for some stunning fabrics for your wraps check out She's Royal Wraps which is a UK based company with beautiful headwrap fabric and jewelry.

Some more wrap inspiration ;)

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