Fishtail braid

My daughter has a strong will and is very opinionated when she wants to be. She came home with a fishtail braid one day, a style I've never tried. From then she's been telling me she wants a fishtail braid. Finally I said ok and headed over to my trusted friend YouTube to see if I could find a video to help me succeed. 

This pic is my first ever fishtail braid. Not bad for a first attempt ;) It was easier than I thought, if you can braid you can manage this, trust me! And it's a perfect hair style for both girls and women with medium to long hair. I think it would work best on stretched or blown out hair though, but I'm not sure. There are lots of videos on YouTube with fishtail braids, so just do a simple search if you want to see more styles, but this is the one I watched.

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