My Do: A Wrap

If you've been following the blog and Instagram you know by now that I'm a big fan of head wraps. Not only are they cute and there are a great variety of styles, but they are also perfect for bad hair days. 

Here's a simple wrap style that I like. 
I started out with putting my hair in a pony tail as close to my forehead as possible. 

Then I two strand twisted the hair very loosely just to keep it from detangling and wrapped it around itself into a bun. 

Then I took one of my favorite scarves, doubled it, placed the middle at the back of my head and tied a knot right under my bun at the front of my head. Make sure the wrap covers your bun. 

Since my scarf has green at the middle the bun part would have been green when I wrapped the other parts around it, so I decided to cover the green part with one if the loose ends to hide it. This step can of course be skipped. 

Then I twisted the longest loose end (the one that wasn't covering the bun) and wrapped it around the bun, secured it by tucking it under itself. 

Then I twisted the other shorter loose end and tucked it away. And after some adjusting it in to position the wrap was done! Quick and simple! 

A tip is to either use a silk or satin scarf when wrapping your hair or cover it with silk or satin before you wrap it with a cotton scarf as cotton absorbs the moisture and may dry out your hair. 
I generally sprits my hair with water and apply some extra leave in before I wrap my hair, esp when it's warm and I can't double wrap my hair. 

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