Child Birth and Natural Hair


Since I've been through labor, birth and caring for an infant before I know that there won't be time or energy to fix my hair. So in order to avoid the frizzy mess you can see in pics taken when my daughter was born my plan is to install some kind of protective style with extensions. It will have to be a style that's not too long, because that will bother me during labour, I know that already. But long enough to fit my hair length and be easy to throw into some kind of bun.

The only issue I see is that babies come whenever they want so it'll be hard to know when to install the style. I'd hate to be half way through the installing and then start labour... We'll see how I'll solve this. And if baby decides to keep us waiting I may have to re-install or at least redo the style partly. 

I'm thinking about doing another set of Marley twists because they are easy to put in and take out. And they work pretty well when it comes to disguising my frizz. Braids are also an option but they take longer to install and to take out, don't know if I wanna deal with all that. 

The benefit of having a style installed at this time is also that there's less manipulation during those first weeks of adapting to having an infant in the house. The moms out there reading this know that on some days a three minute shower is a luxury you won't have! So spending lots of time doing your hair will just not happen. 

How did you wear your hair when giving birth? If you haven't given birth how would you wear your hair when the time comes? 

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