My Do: Bantu Knot Out

This is a style I've seen on plenty of beautiful naturals and loved, but not quite knew how to achieve on my own hair. I've tried bantu knot outs before but not been happy with the result. This is the first time I've felt quite happy, and have an idea of how to tweak it next time. I've watched a variety of tutorials before deciding on a technique that I thought would work best for my hair.

Started out with an old wash n go, so I first detangled using water and leave in. I parted my hair in mediums size parts (this is something I'll do differently next time, small parts would work better for the look I want) starting at the nape. My hair was damp as I worked on it, no need to use more water. I choose to do the style on wet hair because I know my hair works best damp, and will be more defined if it was damp when the knots were put in. I went through each section with a comb before I added some Original Moxie Lux Locks on my hair. I chose this product because it's the only product I've used this far which gives me defined twist outs and braid outs. Sometimes product choice is key. ;)

Before I did the knots I did two strand twist the section to give it the definition I was looking for. As my hair is soft it needs the extra help to stay how I want. If you don't know how to do bantu knots, head on over to YouTube and type "bantu knots natural hair" there are plenty of vids! ;)

I slept with the bantu knots in my hair. Here's the pic I posted on Instagram.

Ready for bed
When I first took them out I kinda loved the chunky look. Once I separated them I wasn't happy at first. But then I fluffed my hair out a little and felt better about it. I like the short look without cutting it. It's not completely different from a wash n go, but different.

Ready to take them down
Bantu knot out - twist unraveled 
Before separating 
After separating
Side view
Back view
Day 2
To be honest I don't think this is a style I'll be doing often, it's so much work! Two hours to detangle, knot etc. And then like 15 min to un-knot and style. Not something I can deal with on a weekly basis. But I'd like to do this again and try a more un-seperated look, maybe pin the hair up ins some kind of way.

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