Follicle - A Film in the Making, Part 2

This is the second part of the interview with Rhadamés Julián the director of the film Follicle. The film needs funding to become a reality, so even if you can only afford to donate a dollar make sure you support this film!

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Going back to what you said about woman having the power, how have people perceived you 'cause you're a man doing a film about hair and beauty imagery, what do people say? 

I've heard a few people say "You're a man, what do you know" or " Look at your hair texture or you're light skinned" or for an American as a person of color I speak very "proper" and I get discredited 'cause people write me of as a "white boy". I try to dispel those negatives before they come up, and the way I do that publicly when I speak is I say I'm very aware of my privilege,  I'm very aware that I'm a good looking guy, I have the hair texture that a lot of women or men would want, I'm light skinned, I speak differently, I'm educated, a lot of these things sorta go against me, since my target audience is not exactly who I am. So I'm very aware of it, but to me that's why I say I feel an obligation.

The reason I point that out is because I read a book recently that said that most of our civil rights leaders, our political leaders that have made strides in the past hundred years have been people of color but of mixed race. And the reason that that is important to notice is because white people are more accepting of them than they would have been of just a black person.  And I see myself in that bubble, even though I'm not mixed race, I absolutely I take that on full speed. 

What is your earliest childhood memory linked to your hair?

Well I have a few, but one that sticks out to me the most. I have three brothers, my mother and father never let us have just any hair cut it was always like a military cut but very short, same length. When I was in middle school one day I went on the school bus and a kid came up to me and he goes "Hey, why do you have a cow lick in your hair?" And I didn't know what that was 'til like many years later I learnt what that was, and that was a derogatory thing that this kid was saying. If you look at a cow's hair, often times their hair goes this way and then it goes that way and this way. This is because the cow will sling it's head around on it's back and lick the fur and put saliva on it so that the bugs and the flies can't get on it. So I knew many years later that when that kid said that he was being very not nice about it. And when I got older  I kinda felt sorry for that little boy that I was, because I had no idea that people were making fun of my hair when I really had no control over it.

I have a lot of hair stories. A lot of the reason that I'm doing this film is because hair has played a very intricate role in my life like i said in that video. Like even now, the apartment building that I live in, my childhood, my travels to South Africa, everything. When people like to dismiss hair like it's no big deal, no, it's a big deal especially if you are a person of color. Especially if you're a woman. 

When is the project going to be done?

This is my first film, it's going to take me about a year, a year and a half. 

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