Childhood Hair - Behind the Blog

Now you've seen my hair before I started the blog, why not take you back even further? In honour of Throwback Thursday ;)

When I was born my mom says I had jetblack straight hair. But within a few months the curls started showing, and as my hair grew the curlier it became. (Sorry, no newborn pics, can't remember where I put that album).

These are my curls at around one years old. Speak about TWA ;)

Afro puffs at around 2 years old. I love afro puffs on little girls, so cute!

Frizz was a big part of my childhood. 
I think this may have been one of my first styling sessions by myself at age four. 

At age five I got glasses, and this ended up being my signature hair style for many years (minus the head band). My moms version of box braids. She loved them because it meant no manipulation for seven to ten days. No one seemed to care that the braids were different lengths and thickness.  

I guess I was around eight in this picture. Can you say frizz? Seeing this makes me sad. Partly because I hated my hair back then, and partly because my mother didn't know better than to let me run around looking like this!

That was it for the trip down memory lane. I don't have any pictures from my teen years, will have to look next time I'm at my parent's, but I can tell you it didn't get any prettier just fizzier. 

If you have any suggestions for upcoming "Behind the Blog" posts, leave them in the comments!

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