Review: African Black Soap

It's been months since I purchased African Black Soap from Sheabutter Cottage. I got the soap bars and the liquid one to see which one I liked better. I've used them as shampoo as well as body washes. I prefer the soap bars to the liquid, which I didn't expect. I like the bars instead of shampoo and have used them many times. The scent isn't great, but it's earthy and not overpowering which I prefer to perfume and strong scents any day. This is a great alternative if you have sensitive skin, want to stay away from perfumes, etc. It leaves my scalp feeling clean, and doesn't strip my hair. My hair feels clean but not dry afterwards which is nice. 

From Sheabutter Cottage's webiste:
"Although referred to as Black soap, authentic African Black Soap is brownish in colour.  Free from fragrances, chemicals and colouring agents, it is used in West Africa to relieve skin irritations.  This authentic fairly traded African Black Soap (Alata Saminaa/Anago Saminaa) from Ghana with a smoky scent is made with natural ingredients and can be used on all skin types from head to toe."

definitely like this product and will purchase some more next time I order from Sheabutter Cottage (even though my daughter doesn't like the smell, what is it with kids and natural scents?). If you are considering trying this for your hair or body or both I say go for it!! 

Ingredients: cocoa ash (doh), unrefined palm kernel, water, unrefined sheabutter.

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