From Winter to Summer

As you may know I traded freezing temperatures of Swedish winter for beautiful summer's sunshine in South Africa for a few weeks. I don't like to freeze, so I was so excited to feel the hot beams of the sun against my skin. I love hot and humid and so does my hair (not too humid, then it goes frizzy of course). So I went from wearing my hair up to protect it from harsh weather and clothes (such as scarfs) to wearing it out the majority of the time. Since I got my hair cut in London I absolutely love wearing my hair out, and I totally took advantage of the possibility to do so on this trip.

I changed my routine a bit, since it was vacation and I didn't want to stress about hair, I washed it once a week and co-washed it once in between just to get back my fav curl pattern (2nd and 3rd day hair). And used some of my staple products from my Favorite Product List. I did sleep with my hair out a lot, or in a pineapple, I just couldn't be bothered with the scarf in the heat, and I'm prepared to take the consequences. ;)  I don't feel my hair has suffered at all though, the good weather has made it happy. And now that I'm back in freezing winter I'll go back to my regular routine. (Yes, it sucks to be back in winter weather)

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