Hair Crush (Throwback): Lisa Bonet

One of my first memories of seeing black people on TV was watching the Cosby Show with my parents. My mom tried to imitate some of Rudy's hair styles with my hair (to no greater success). When I got a little older and Lisa Bonet (Denise on the show) came on the show it changed a lot of things for me. Finally there was someone with my exact (ok, not exact, but I was young) skin tone on TV, which fascinated me a bit more than all the other characters. Since then Lisa Bonet has and will always have a special place in my heart. Once again a testament to the importance for children to have role models that look like them.

I remember this episode clearly. Lol. It is a whole new experience watching as a grown up though. I fell in love with Olivia (I still love that name, thanks to Raven Symoné being so darn adorable!)

Speak about aging gracefully! She still looks amazing!

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