Shopping for hair products

Finally it's time to restock on hair products :)
I've been reading reviews and product info and have decided on a few products I want to try. It's always a guessing game when making definite decisions, but I think researching what I want makes it a whole lot easier. I can't wait to order and get my package in the mail :)
This time I'm getting:
*Styling product - Curl Junkie Curl Queen Hair Styling Gel, Komaza Care Califa Curl Spray
*Leave in - Deva Curl One Condition or Darcy's Botanicals Leave in conditioner
I'm still deciding if I want to try a new oil or moiturizer... Will see when I order. I'm still trying a lot of products in my hair to find out which ones are my favourites and will be the constant ones on my bathroom shelf.

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