Braided Fohawk

I decided to one of my favourite hair styles right now; the braided Fohawk with a mini Janelle Monae inspired bang. It's inspired by a mixture of pics I've seen online. (I had a hard time taking good pics)
From the side.
I parted my hair into three sections and did cornrows from the bottom up on the sides. I braided all the way to the ends. Then I took out my bangs in front and put them in a rubber band while I took the last section and braided from the back of my neck upward, taking in the ends of the cornrows as I went. I fastened the big braid with bobby pins (I used a lot of bobby pins when tweaking the 'do). Then I took the bangs and added some gel for hold (I used Kinky Curly) and fastened the bangs over the end of the braid. If you look carefully at the pic below you can see ho the bangs are "laying" on the side of the braid. (I didn't have a pic with a good frontal view, but you get the point.) I got the idea of braiding back to front from a hair do Alicia Keys sported at some red carpet event.
From the top.

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