Hair Care Essentials

I like to keep it simple. I don't use a lot of different stuff when caring for my hair, besides products, still I have a few things I can't do without and use regularly:

*Bobby pins - Love boddy pins, couldn't live without them (ok, sure, could, but I couldn't do my hair). Bobby pins are great for EVERYTHING, from fancy updos to a simple bun. I can't think of a style when I don't use them they keep those fly away hairs in place. The down side is that they are everywhere in my apartment by this point... the other day I actually found one outside of my front door :)
Bobby Pins

*Scarf - For years I've wrapped up my hair in different ways. I love scarfs! To hide frizz, to protect your hair from harsh weather, for a relaxed look, for a classy head wrap, or just to wear on cleaning day around the house. The great thing is that there are so many scarfs out there, colors, shapes, sizes. I prefer to use cotton scarfs without stretch, I just think they're easier to manage.

*Water spray bottle - To do curly hair it should be moisturized. I spray my hair with water (sometimes water mixed with conditioner) daily before doing my hair. It makes changing the 'do much easier, and it adds a bit more moiture to (dry) hair. I spray to avoid washing too often, since my hair is easier to manage when I always keep a spray bottle at hand.

Water spray bottle
*Bonnet/Scarf - To protect your hair from drying out you should wear a satin scarf or bonnet to bed (or sleep on satin pillows). I use my bonnet or scarf when I have a 'do I want to maintain for a long time; twists, cornrows, braids or an updo. Since my hair isn't super dry, I can afford to sleep without one. But if your hair is dry, try a bonnet!! There are some that go over you hai like a hat. Check out Curlies store.

Satin Bonnet
*Shower comb - I do not swear by my shower comb, I can live without it. But, I do like it. I just bought on last fall (a Kinky Curly one), before that I just simply finger combed in the shower. I still finger comb regularly, but I've noticed that using the shower comb works well when I'm conditioning and will keep my hai out after the shower, it helps to define my curl pattern.

Shower Comb

*Clips - Yes, hair clips! (Almost forgot to add them) They come in different shapes and sizes. I personally like the ones on the picture. They are so great to ahve around, keeps your hair in place with you work on another part. I love my clips, almost as much as my bobby pins :)

Hair clips

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