Interview: Zuzy Beauty presents Core Radiance

Not sure when I found Zuzy Pretty on Facebook, or it they found me? Either way it was some time ago. Lyota and I talked over the phone and she sent me this amazing care package that overwhelmed me. We have still not met face to face, but hopefully we will on my next trip to Stockholm. 
Previously I've posted reviews on the hair clips and the comb & brush that were in the care package. 

Lyota Swainson
Please introduce yourself!
I am Lyota Swainson (of course). Born and raised in NYC of Jamaican descent. I specialize in healthy hair care, hair loss issues, regrowth and regeneration. Creator of Core Radiance holistic hair care specifically designed for the needs of afro hair so it will be able to thrive. 

Why hair? What made you want to do this as a profession?
I choose hair by default, my hair was falling out and I went to so many professionals and nobody could help me, so I help myself instead. My problem was not unique to me so I decided to share my knowledge and Created Core Radiance for people who care about the health of there hair.
Hair is the Core of ones self esteem, for men, woman and child.   
I've always wanted to help people so teaching people how to nurture ones hair so it can thrive is priceless.

What do you believe is the most common issue people with curly hair types face?
The biggest issue for curly-kinky people is that they believe their hair is an issue.  Lack of understanding of what there hair needs, it boils down to ignorance.  No fault of theirs, it's just that society has neglected there needs and what was used on Caucasian  here is just as good for us as well.  Sorry to say that all hair is not created equally.  That being said each persons needs may differ from another.

How is hair care in Sweden compared to the US? Is there anything you would like to change? 
Believe it or not the hair care here versus the States does not differ so much regarding healthy hair care.  It a problem world wide from people of the African diaspora.  We are all learning at the same times to love our hair.  Yes the US has more products than here, but that does not make it better for your hair.  What makes it better for your hair is education about your hair needs and that's what we at Core Radiance do.

How would you describe your own hair using only three words? 
Different textures, fragile and beautiful. 

If you could only use one product for the rest of your life what would it be? 
Core Radiance Hydro-Lock leave-in. Hydro Lock would be my choice as it is pH balanced and has enough nourishment and moisture to sustain healthy hair.  


If you want to learn how to care for your child's hair join the workshop ABC to Healthy Children's Hair

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