The Event: VAVAC #3 Hair

On Sunday the 13th of September it was finally time for another hair event: Visa a vis art collective (VAVAC) #3 Hair. Not only was I excited to spend the day talking about hair, but I was also excited to see new and old Copenhagen people. 

The event started at 11:00. I decided to meet up with Carriene (from I Love Natural Hair) and head to the event together. Due to rain and Carriene's bag lady ways (she was bringing products etc to the event) we were going to take a cab. This turned out to be the mistake of the day. Unfortunately we were rushing on the day there was a marathon in the city center of Copenhagen (why would you hold a marathon in the middle of a city center??). So what should have been a 7min cab ride ended up being a 30min cab ride going in circles trying to find our way through the blocked off area. After failing terribly we ended up arriving late to the event. Sorry, everyone that waited! 

Hair & Identity
When we arrived the attendees were just ending a viewing of a short docu and I was thrown in to my presentation called Hair and Identity. I talked about my hair journey, how celebrity hair gets focused on, how hair is a part of our identity and much more. As the event was put off schedule I didn't have a chance to talk about the last part which was to focus on kids.

Lowe talking about her goal to unite us through hair
After my presentation Lowé, a hair dresser based in Copenhagen, talked about her hair philosophy. Lowé runs a salon called "United by Hair" and wants to bring more unity into hair care. Some of the event attendees had actually been to Lowé and were raving about their results. So if you have curly hair and are looking for a hair dresser in Copenhagen check out Lowé!

Carriene from I Love Natural Hair
After Lowé we watched a docu about the history of black hair and then had lunch. 

After lunch Carriene (I Love Natural Hair) spoke about how genetics and life style affect your hair health, as well as talking about her hair journey.
Then Kristina (CopenhagenCurls) spoke about the science of hair and pH balancing products. 
We ended the day with a Q&A with all the presenters.

Krisitna aka CopenHagenCurls educating the crowd

It was a really nice day and the VAVAC team had put it together very nicely. It was a lot of fun mingling with old and new people.

Our hair is truly versitile
Carriene doing her thing
My sister from another mister Elianna (one of the organizers) in her I Love Natural Hair tee
I Love Natural Hair sells Anita Grant, Aubrey Organics, Jessicurl and more!
Beautiful African print jewelry made by Sade (one of the organizers) find her products on Facebook 
Sade, Lowe, Kristina, Amma, Nandi, Elianna & Carriene
Tahnk you to everyone who showed up and made the day so much fun! And a huge thank you to the VAVAC team for making this possible!

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