Sweden's Youngest Hair Vlogger

You know I love to find Swedish based natural hair bloggers and vloggers, so of course I was thrilled to come across Lillan Gambia. Not only was I very inspired by her confidence in front of the camera, but also by her young age. It's a great pleasure to have her on the blog! Follow her on YouTube

What's your name?
Anna but people call me Lillan [this means small in Swedish]. When I was a baby my aunt called me Lillan and then other people in the family started calling me that. Some people in Gambia think my name is Lilian. 

How old are you?
I'm nine and a half. I'm turning ten in four months. 

Where do you live?
I live in Stockholm, in Fagersj√∂. 

Why did you want to start blogging about hair?
Because I saw how talented my aunt is and I got impressed by her. And I used to watch my aunt braid her customers. Then I asked her if I could make my own video.

Who is your favorite hair vlogger? 
My aunt: I am Ella Gambia. 

What's the best thing about your hair?
That I can wear different hair styles. That it's an Afro; I like that and it makes me proud. 

What are your tips for girls your age that don't like their hair? 
They should be proud that they have hair. There are people that have cancel and don't have any hair and struggle to get hair. Then you should be happy. You can learn more about your hair and play hair dresser which makes it more fun. You can use different creams and brush it. 

Thank you, Lillan! We are looking forward to your next video

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