Quick Guide to Facebook Groups

There is a lot going on in the Swedish black community, both online and offline, which is so exciting. Here's a quick post to help you find the right Facebook group for your (hair related) needs.

Afrotalk - For people who have afro hair/naturally curly/kinky hair in Sweden.
HÃ¥rfixarna - For parents with kids with afro hair/hair that is naturally kinky/curly in Sweden. 

Norwegian Naturals - This group was created by the lovely Olimata and is mainly for naturals in Norway.

Scandinavian Naturals - This is supposed to be a place where naturals from all over Scandinavia can meet and exchange thoughts.

South African Naturals - Not Sweden or Scandinavia, but it had to be added. This group is for South Africans and you can post all kinds of hair related threads. 

Black Vogue - Make up for black women. Need I write more?

If you have tips on other hair related groups please leave them in the comment section!

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