Length Obsession

A while ago I posted this pic in the SA Naturals Group on Facebook with this caption.

Then Wisaal (Wiscellaneous) left this comment, which got me thinking... 

Why am I not obsessed with having long hair? I've been growing my hair for the last three plus years, but I'm not obsessed with it becoming long. For me healthy hair is the main goal. But for a lot of naturalistas having long hair is the goal. People do regular length checks and there are even length check tops! Not that there's anything wrong with wanting to have long hair, it's just not that important to me. 
Maybe it's because I've had long hair as a young girl and know I can grow my hair long? Maybe because some of the most beautiful black women I've seen have short hair? I'm not sure... 

Are you length obsessed?? What are your hair goals and why?

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