Behind the Blog - Skin Care

Time for another behind the blog post, this time I want to talk about skin care. During this journey of getting to know my hair a lot of things have changed. Through starting to read labels on hair products I have become more aware of the products that I use and have started to paying attention ti ingredient lists. This goes for hair care, skin care and even food.
Just like my scalp the rest of my body has been very prone to dryness all my life. I've tried different store bought lotions and butters but not been completely happy. So in the winter of 2012 I tried a recipe I say on HeyFranHey's YouTube channel and my skin fell in love. Over time I've tweaked the recipe to fit my fav oils better, but it's a great base to start on.

Since I got a quite a bit of stretchmarks during my first pregnancy I hoped to minimize the amount of new stretch marks with this home made mix during this pregnancy. I've used the mix daily, morning and night and whenever my skin has felt itchy (which hasn't been often) and I haven't seen a single new stretchmark this far! :)

My oils and butters are purchased at my local grocery store or Sheabutter Cottage. For this mix I used: Avocado oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Coconut oil and Jojoba oil.

Unrefined Shea butter from Sheabutter Cottage

Unrefined cocoa butter from Sheabutter Cottage
I prefer to melt the butters as the texture comes out smoother this way. 
Melting the butters

Before turning on the blender

After blending 

Always store in glass containers as they don't release toxins

After sitting over night the mixture is solid, and feels creamy and smooth on the skin

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