Goodbye Marley Twists

When I first installed my Marley Twists I didn't think I'd keep them for as long as I did, let alone love them. My experience with my Marley Twists has been so different from my Senegalese Twist experience last year! Here's a recap of my five weeks of Marley Twists:

No itchy scalp! 
Ok, this is huge for me! My scalp is my biggest issue, and it usually gets worse when I'm wearing hair styles where my scalp is exposed. But this time I had no problems! I think the first element to success here was that I washed the braiding hair in ACV before I used it. My second step was that I spritz my scalp daily with Anita Grant Ylang-Ylang Floral water, and then when that sample was done I moved to a water and peppermint oil mixture. When I say no itching, I mean it! If I had a little itch I just sprayed it and five minutes later it was forgotten. 

No hair washing!
To some this may sound really gross, and my initial plan wasn't to not wash my hair, but I didn't wash my hair for the entire time the twists were in. I know, crazy right? But my scalp didn't really feel that dirty (until the last week when I got lazy with my scalp care). My plan was to clean my scalp with a baking soda and ACV mixture, but I never did. 

True protective style 
I can be honest when I say these Marley Twists have been a great protective style for me. I can't remember when I last did so little with my hair! And when I took my twists out my hair was so soft! I think it's partly the products I used to install the twists (Original Moxie Lux Locks and Kinky Curly Curling Custard), as well as me spritsing me hair daily with water.

Curly once more
All and all my Marley Twist experience was great! I loved the style! It actually made me think about starting a loc journey again (something I'd given up on because I thought I couldn't do without my loose hair). I didn't miss my loose hair one bit while having the Marley Twists in! I could have kept them in longer, but they were starting to frizz up too much. 
I'm actually considering installing Marley Twists again later this spring before my due date. It would be nice not to have to worry about my hair when there's a new baby in the house. :) 

Washing the braiding hair
I decided to wash the braiding hair so I can re-use it. I've never done it before, so I'll let you know the results.
Do you re-use your braiding hair??

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