Review: Shampoo by Lebay

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Lebay's full range of products
Lebay is a brand new product company based in Sweden which focuses on products for curly hair. I first heard about Lebay at Grow A Fro in February of this year and was very excited to hear about it. Sara, the founder of Lebay was kind enough to give me a full set of products to try. Their product line now consists of Shampoo, Conditioner and Styling Cream.

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Lebay Moisturing Shampoo

This review is focused on the shampoo - Lebay Moisturing Shampoo. To be honest I was a bit nervous to try this product because in my experience products named "shampoo" are usually quite stripping and leave my hair dry that's why I usually opt for "cleansers". But this was not the case at all. Lebay shampoo cleanses but doesn't leave the hair dry at all. I'm very happy with this shampoo. It has a very light scent as well, not overpowering at all.

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Sara founder of Lebay

For more info check out Lebay on Instagram. And keep your eyes on this space, reviews of the conditioner and styling cream will come soon. 

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