Workout Hair Care

Post workout
After many years of not working out I've accepted the challenge to start working out and get into shape. I'm currently following a 30+30 day work out schedule. I've just started my second 30 day schedule and I'm loving the changes it's bringing to my body.

Since I'm now sweating a lot five days a week I've had to adjust my hair care routine a bit. I now rinse my hair with water 2-3 times a week (between washes) to get rid of the sweat and the salt that comes with it. After that I apply leave in conditioner and style as usual. 

I have noticed that my scalp can get a bit more dirty than usual so I try to keep with a seven day wash schedule as much as possible. 

For some washing their hair more thourghly may be needed to deal with the sweat. If that is the case I would suggest trying a co-wash as your first option. 

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How do you care for your hair when working out? 

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