Books for Brown Skinned Kids

Here's the current list of books for brown skinned kids. There was great response on Instagram when I posted about searching for books. Thank you to everyone that commented and came with suggestions!

I've not added any books with images that I thought looked offensive.No, unfortunately I haven't read all these books. These books don't only focus on hair but are aimed for brown skinned children. If you have thoughts on the books listed please leave them in the comments below!

Over time I hope to add more books to this list. If you have suggestions on books I've missed, please leave a comment with the author and title of the book!

Alexander Panev - Queen Nzinga

Alicia M. Walter - Naturally Me: Olivia Brown and her curly crew

Ann Taylor - Baby dance

Alonda Williams - Penny and the magic puff balls

Charrelle Shelton - Princess Curl

Chucundra Duncan - My hair is not nappy it's unique

Ilyasah Shabazz - Malcolm Little, the boy that grew up to be Malcolm X

Ezra Jack Keates - The snowy day

Fila Antwine - Curiously Coiled

Genia Hale - Princess Butterfly Unique

Jabari Asim - Girl of mine; Whose knees are these?;Whose toes are those?

Julius Lester - Let's talk about race

K.N. Chimbiri - Secrets of the afro comb, 6,000 Years of Art and Culture; the Story of Early Ancient Egypt, Rehistoric and Old kingdom Egypt; Step Back in Time to Ancient Kush

Mem Fox - Whoever you are

Natasha Tarpley - I love my hair,

Nik Scott - My hair is so happy

Niki Daly - Sweet Salma; Not so fast Songololo; Jamela's Dress, etc.

Paula DeJoie - My hair is beautiful... Because it's mine

Sarah Garland - Billy and Belle

Shanequa Davis - Chloe and her two red shoes

Sharon Draper

Sharon G Flake - The Skin I'm In

Sharon Robinson - Under the same sun

Silviane A. Diouf - Bintou's Braids

Sonya J. Bowser - Zolie Zi: Bully Bullies

Spike Lee, Tonya Lewis Lee - Please, baby, please; Please, puppy, please

Tina Olajide - Emi's Curly, Coily, Cotton Candy Hair

Trish Cooke - So much!

Valerie Lenon-Rees - Concquering Christian

Veronica N. Chapman - I Know I Can!

Ziggy Marley - I love you too

Cecilia Rihs - Uppdrag Vattenhäxan

Ebba Berg - Vem är kär i Abel Svensson?

Henriette Barkow, Derek Brazell - That's My Mum (bi-lingual) Det är min mamma

Niki Daly - Söta Salma; Kwela Jamela, Afrikas drottning, m.m.

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