My Do: Bun Inspired by Taren Guy

Saw this pic of Taren Guy on Instagram recently and really loved her bun. Taren usually wears her big hair out, but occasionally she wears other styles. I loved this style because it was so simple and I'm all about quick style options these days.

Front view
First I gathered my hair in a high pony tail (next time I'll make the pony more in the crown of my head), I smoothed my edges with gel and a scarf for setting. Then I took the hair in the pony tail and tucked it behind the pony tail and bobby pinned it in place. I used enough pins until I felt my hair was secure. Since I have bangs I had these shorter hairs standing straight up, messing up the style, which I pulled around the hair tie, as if to wrap it and bobby pinned them in place. Voila! So simple! 
Back view
I love my bun like this! It's perfect for every day wear as well for dressing up. I wore it to my friend's birthday dinner party. But I'll definitely wear it as a regular style as well. 

The pic that inspired the do

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