Trend or A Lifestyle?

The natural hair community seems to be growing, in Scandinavia as well as world wide. This is amazing! Friendships are being made across continents thanks to the Internet and the movement. When I interviewed RJ director of Follicle (read the interview here) back in August he talked about the difference of "going natural" and "returning to ones natural state". This is something I've heard of before but never done a post on. Why? Because to me going natural is returning to ones natural state and embracing who you naturally are, fully. I personally don't want the natural hair movement to be a trend, something we look back on 30 years from now and say "Remember when we all wore our hair curly, haha" like you do with trends. I hope that this natural hair movement actually is the beginning of real change when it comes to beauty standards all over the world. I hope that the standard of what beauty is (and isn't) will change and broaden. I don't think it needs to be one or the other, I just think it can be different. If you are born with dark brown skin and kinky hair you should be able to grow up in a world where you can mirror yourself in the images you see in mainstream media.

What do you think? Is natural hair a trend or is it here to stay? 

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